A gift for traveling families from Australia, and Japan

Universal Tour / Kamakura Shogun Tour by Samurai

The best part of this trip is the encounter and fusion with new, unknown, and different things.

There are different cultures in Kamakura, such as Shinto and Buddhist differences and origins, the way of modern society, foreign countries, and cities. This tour will provide you with various new encounters and we are working on it.

From Kamakura, which is blessed with a location surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on one side, you can look down on the superb views of Yuigahama and Zaimokuza from the hilltop. You can also enjoy the natural scenery of Kamakura here, and we think that new encounters will be born.

Along the way, we also explained the meaning of the seal book. The seal book is becoming popular among young people in Japan. The seal book is a book for writing the seals that you receive at temples and shrines. The seal is a proof that you have visited the temple or shrine, and each temple or shrine has its own pattern and characters. You can choose from a variety of seal books at temples, shrines, stationery stores, and specialty stores. When you come to Kamakura, you might want to try seal hunting with your favorite design.

After that, we visited the forge of the 24th generation of Masamune Kogei, who has been making swords in Kamakura for over 900 years. We were able to see up close the tradition that brought innovation to the way of making swords when the Mongol Empire attacked Iki. We had a very meaningful time. The sword is really heavy and surprises many people both inside and outside the country. Moreover, this sword is made by a method that has already become obsolete in Europe. This is something that shows the spirit of Japan that tries to preserve its tradition.

During this tour, there were a lot of conversations. We talked about the past, present, and future, and the families who became good friends exchanged contact information and had an unforgettable trip. Through Universal Tours, we will continue to expand our communication beyond language barriers.

If you are interested, please come to Guest House Aya! Why don't you go around the attractions of Kamakura with our staff who have unique personalities, such as samurai, and other wonderful guests?










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